Op de CeBIT beurs van 2000 kondigde Ericsson zijn nieuwste topmodel, A2618s aan.

De A2618s is de opvolger van de bijzonder populaire A1018 serie. Spraakgestuurd kiezen, WAP, en de mogelijkheid om zelf ringtonen te ontwerpen zijn de meest in het oog springende functies. De implementatie van WAP is nog wel wat beperkt want over SMS.
Met behulp van allerlei kleurige snap-on behuizingen kan de telefoon, voor wie dat wil, flink worden opgeleukt.

Zelf zegt Ericsson bij de introductie het volgende over het toestel:

Thursday, February 24, 2000

Today at CeBIT in Hannover, Ericsson unveiled their most colorful mobile phone up to date – the A2618. Apart from being colorful, the A2618 also offers WAP over SMS. The A2618 can be personalized in many ways, by exchangeable snap-on covers, which come in many colors and patterns and by the start-up shows, where a user can be greeted by a favorite song and a picture of a loved-one or a celebrity when turning on the phone.
Based on new, innovative design platform the A2618 is the latest addition to Ericsson’s A-class family of phones. These phones are fun, easy to use and offer value for money. Measuring just 131x51x25mm and weighing a mere 140g, the A2618 contains advanced features such as WAP services, voice dialing/answering and profiles that let you adjust your phone to different situations. The phone also features three games. The A2618 will be available mid 2000.

The A2618 offers WAP over SMS, which is a network dependent feature, which will be available in selected markets. The A2618 is Ericsson’s fourth WAP-enabled product, following the mobile companion MC218 (available), the feature phone R320 (available during Q1) and the smartphone R380 (available during Q2) which all offer WAP over Circuit Switched Data (CSD).
The look of the A2618 can be changed in uncountable ways with the all-new Ericsson Snap-on Covers. These exquisite covers encase both the front and back of the phone, are exchangeable, and come in a fascinating array of colors and patterns. Available as accessories, they let you enjoy color co-ordination, change the color and pattern on the phone to match your mood and even revitalize your phone by giving it a completely new look.
A2618 features unique start-up and shutdown shows. There is a standard Ericsson show with sound and animation. Another, called “My Animation”, the user can install by purchasing the infrared modem DI 28 and connect it to a computer. With this start up show the users can choose a specific start up melody or compose their own. This melody can be installed with a photograph of a loved one or favorite celebrity.
The A2618 uses both text and icons in its menu system and offers help texts if one would need extra guidance. Its full graphic display shows four lines of text and the Voice Dialing/Answering feature lets you contact someone simply by saying their name. Three interesting and amusing games are featured in A2618. There will be Tetris, Erix and Maze that will help you relax and unwind, or just keep you occupied between calls.
Two versions of the A2618 will be produced. The A2618s, and the A2618sc which features a complete Chinese interface, which allows you to send and receive Chinese SMS messages and also lets you store Chinese names in the Phone Book..

Het moet gezegd, het is een fraai toestel, comfortabel in de hand en prettig in gebruik.

Aanvullende informatie

  • Fabrikant: Nokia
  • Materiaal: ABS
  • Bouwjaar: 2000
  • Type: GSM 900/1800 (Dualband)
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